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What is your dream guitar? We can build it together. A truly one-of-a-kind instrument, tailor-made to match your musical expression.

custom built guitar by Scharpach

Scharpach Acoustic Master Guitars

Your Unique Musical Expression
with Scharpach bespoke guitars

From wood to sound. For over 40 years Scharpach has been building bespoke guitars. Driven by a passion that every handmade guitar is a unique instrument, from the selection of the right wood, the shape and size of the body, to the final coating. Attention to the tiniest detail guarantees the creation of a handcrafted guitar which will not only suit players of today, but those of generations to come.

Take a look at the three main lines of guitars I produce in my workshop: Classical, Flamenco and Archtop.

Scharpach Custom Guitars

Our selection of bespoke guitars

Scharpach guitars offers a wide range of handcrafted guitars, all custom made to match your aesthetic and sonic preferences. Are you looking for warm and comforting sounds to be played even without amplification? Feel free to take a look at our Handmade Classical Guitars. If you are more interested in handmade jazz guitars, then perhaps our Custom Built Archtop Guitars is the right choice for you. Lastly, Theo Scharpach offers a selection of Custom Built Flamenco Guitars which have incredible sonic capabilities due to the high-quality material choices and hours of dedicated craftsmanship.

Scharpach Custom Guitars

Owning a Scharpach custom guitar

Through many years of dedication to the craft of building handmade bespoke guitars, Theo Scharpach has perfected the art of building the right guitar for the right player. If you are interested in joining us on the journey of building your perfect custom guitar, whether it's a handmade electric guitar or an acoustic model, then we are here to help! Our guitar prices usually start at 9,645 euros for classical models, and 21,380 euros for custom archtop guitar models. If you want to get your very own bespoke guitar from Scharpach as your custom guitar builder, then please contact him through the form below. Theo will make sure that the final guitar will be customized to your own needs as fast as possible.

bespoke handbuilt master guitar

Scharpach Custom Guitars

The finest craftsmanship in our handcrafted guitars

As a custom guitar builder, Theo Scharpach sees his task as giving the guitarist a “voice”.

Whatever the musician is able to produce in terms of sound – dynamics, timbres, load-bearing capacity and power – its acoustic origins are found in the resonances of the instrument. These qualities are the handiwork of the custom guitar maker. The actual work of art is not the design, but instead the sound sculpture we hear. This is the result of the encounter between the musician and the musical resonances they “play”.

Michael Thompson writes: “After 40 years of building you probably already know this, but just in case, I must say your profession is one of the rare honorable ones left in our world. You take God-given skills and talent to create art from the beautiful resources our planet has provided to inspire and delight your fellow man. And then those who receive your gift go on to complete the cycle and create beautiful music which hopefully delights others as well. It is meaningful and I appreciate it very much.”

Many thanks Michael for such beautiful words.

Scharpach Custom Guitars

A passion as a custom guitar builder

Scharpach’s artistic passion as a custom guitar builder is driven by a desire to turn tonal woods into resonances.

The research of wood and its refinement, the varnish and material compositions, the model development and elaboration, the further development of radiance and dynamics – all of these serve to bring about this one goal: the creation of high-quality resonances in your customized guitar. Only in this way can the bespoke guitar become a strong and trusted partner.

The resonance profile is the acoustic subtlety and variety, power and radiance of the instrument. It gives the sound its softness and warmth, the openness of the singing vocal formats, the radiant body resonances, the brilliance and load-bearing capacity, the core of the sound and the necessary beam, the high plate resonances in their manifold vibratory and nodal lines.

Over the years of creating handcrafted guitars, scharpach has experienced a growing desire to create elegant but simple customized guitars. This has almost become a higher calling for Theo Scharpach. Without ornate designs to rely on as markers of accepted beauty, increasingly we are encouraged to study subtle colours and textures. In an age of mass production and instant disposal, learning to accept and celebrate scars and flaws provides us with a powerful lesson in humanity and sustainability. In a world which so often prizes youth, perfection and excess, embracing the old may seem strange. Age sees beauty and value in simplicity. This is a thought which is taken into account with the creation of every Scharpach customized guitar.

detail of wood for a bespoke guitar

Scharpach Custom Guitars

Custom left handed guitars

Are you interested in buying a guitar handmade? Theo can cover your dreams  as your custom guitar maker at Scharpach. Through the years of experience in building the finest customized guitars, Scharpach has built also custom left handed guitars next to our right handed models. Generally speaking, the process of crafting a custom left handed guitar is very similar to creating a right handed guitar customized. This of course means that all of your specific wishes can be fulfilled in the process of building your custom left handed guitar.


Artists playing Scharpach


Al di Meola

The legendary guitar player Al di Meola plays the Scharpach La Porta flamenco. This guitar, custom made for him, has a story all of its own.

wood and drawing for guitar build

Recognised as being one of the finest living archtop guitar makers in the world today, Theo Scharpach has been at the forefront of innovative archtop instrument design. The instruments he designs are the very essence of artistic expression, reflected in the subtle, but challenging marriage of form and function. For close to four decades, Theo Scharpach has been pushing the boundaries of luthiery design with a consuming passion for elegance and style. In fact, producing instruments of great tonal expression is one of Theo Scharpach’s missions in life.

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