custom made Archtop guitar from Scharpach



Theo Scharpach is recognized as being one of the finest Archtop guitarmaker in Europe today. He is building Archtops for over 40 years and has access to some of the finest incredible old stocked woods.

Scharpach Archtop Guitar


The Vienna is made for the most passionate Archtop lover, player and collector. The architectural purity of the design gives the guitar a clean shape that presents the essence of the sound. All design details enhance the beauty and the basic shape of the guitar. All the proportions are perfectly balanced creating a very dynamic powerful elegance. Yet this is done without any extrovert features that would distract the eye. The Vienna uses exclusive unique hardware like hand-engraved tuning covers and tailpiece, solid silver tuning knobs and all fine gold-plated. It needs no saying that the woods used are out of old stock. Like out of the former old stock of Artur Lang.

The latest new and adapted version of The Vienna Archtop has a hand engraved design on all hardware. Furthermore I managed to reduce the head stock thickness with about 2-3 mm to create a even more elegant slimmer head stock.

The new head stock construction was able due the use of new high tech machines.

Scharpach Vienna Archtop Guitar

It could happen to you: J van Heusen
Vienna Archtop
Played by Tim van der Velden

Joost Zoeteman and Wolf Martini play “Buy a Guitar” a Bossa Nova written by W. Martini.

It is always a great pleasure to be invited for some nice projects. Joost Zoeteman and Wolf Martini are two well-known Dutch Jazz players that I know for quite some time. We often discussed the possibility to do some things together and finally it worked out. They recorded three songs at the concert location called ”de Verzameling” in Westervoort. I wish to thank Marie-Jose and Jan van Hekke for their kindness during the recording session by opening the doors of the Concert stage for us. Joost Zoeteman and Wolf Martini play the Vienna Archtop and a Flamenco guitar that is actually owned by Al di Meola but happened to be available due to Corona.

Scharpach Archtop Guitar


The model “OpusG” is the result of a design collaboration between myself and the owner of this guitar Michael G. Thompson, who drew inspiration from his vintage Gibson collection. After several iterations, the final design is a unique combination of elements from and aesthetic “nods” to his favorite archtops from the 30’s to early 60’s which I have interpreted and created from the finest aged woods.

This OpusG elegantly blends a robust 18” lower bout, which carries a rich full-body voice, with a thin-cut profile and narrow waistline allowing for enhanced ergonomics and player/instrument intimacy. The provocative Florentine cut-away gives effortless access to the upper range which is all reflected beautifully either acoustically or through the Charlie Christian style floating pick-up made by Pete Biltoft - which carries a custom blade I created to compensate the magnetic force and dynamics of the strings. The hardware is also custom made and plated with the rare element rhodium which exudes a deeper brilliance than traditional gold or chrome plating. Although it has a thin-line body the OpusG’s acoustic output is remarkable. Nevertheless, also available will be a 17” version in full thickness version if desired with flexible pickup options.

As always old woods are used and the unique custom tuner knobs are made from solid silver.

OpusG Archtop Guitar, custom built by Theo Scharpach

I had the pleasure to invite two great young players to shoot a video before shipping the guitar to a well-known collector in Japan.

The OpusG Archtop is an 18″ thinline custom ordered. Made exclusively with old stocked woods.Jan Ruerd Oosterhaven on Double Bass and Tim van der Velden on Guitar.

Out of nowhere, Johnny Green

Stompin at the Savoy, by Benny Goodman



This guitar was on my wish list for quite some years. Last year, after meeting with a German Guitar collector I had the opportunity to build one. He just had bought another guitar from my hand and somehow we came to discuss about my wish to build this guitar. He did not talk long and he commissioned to build it. The fully acoustic guitar is inspired by the early works of Orville Gibson around 1920-1930. I like the strong simplicity of the Design.

Of course I brought the Design back into the 21st Century. The beautiful wilde grown figured maple fits perfectly to the beauty of the wood which is over 30 years old.

Take a Look at That Baby: John Fahey,
Played by the Duo: Suitcase full of blues,
Guitar: OPus5 Archtop

My Ideal: R. Whiting and N. Chase,
Played by Tim van der Velden

Impro. Over Castle: Django Reinhardt,
Played by Stochelo Rosenberg

Scharpach Archtop Guitar


For my Archtops I mostly use the woods that I bought already in 1985 from the widow of Artur Lang.

Artur Lang was a well-known German guitarmaker living in Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany and died in 1975. Although some of the woods may have minor visual flaws, it is acoustically far-out superior to any fresh woods due to the extreme age. The roughly pre-cut tops do sound like a bell. I estimate that they have been stored to dry in the workshop of Lang for more the 40 years. This means the wood is now close 80 years old.

The OPUS 108 is a true players guitar. The size is 17". It is made with great dedication and using the same woods as for the Vienna. However it has found it's starting points at the great period of Archtop guitars at the beginning of the 20th century with examples like Levin and Epiphone.

This beautiful photo is send to me by the owner of the guitar Andreas Dombert. I take great care a lot for aesthetics and design of my guitars and I just love the pic how it justifies the lines and shape of the guitar. 

Scharpach Archtop Opus108

Just a small sound sample of Andreas Dombert playing the Opus108 Archtop Jazz guitar

Rot in Blau: A song wrtitten by Kristian Krischkowsky.

A beautiful recording of the Open the Box trio. Andreas Dombert plays the Scharpach Opus108 Archtop.

The Vienna Opus soundsample

custom made acoustic guitar ViennaJOE archtop by Scharpach



The ViennaJOE is especially made for Philip Catherine. It is a small body 16" semi-acoustic Archtop Jazz guitar. It is light and versatile. Again using the same old woods out of the very old stock of Artur Lang. 

Jostein Gulbrandsen playing the ViennaJOE

Philip Catherine life recording with Iphone

Scharpach Archtop Guitar


The Memphis'T is a quite unique guitar within my collection of custom designs. It is made exclusively from very old woods. The top is cut out of Maple and the back and sides are from Madagascar Ceder. The guitar is a hollow-body Thinline type guitar. The sides and back are covered/inlaid with imitation of Croq print however with real leather. The structure into the top is cut out into the solid maple top and imitates the leather structure.

Two guitars were commissioned by the famous shoe company Floris van Bommel.

Memphis T' FVB custom built by Scharpach

Memphis’T Thinline, made by Scharpach Master Guitars