What is the ideal wood for an acoustic guitar?

There are several kinds of woods for different guitars.

For Flamenco guitars I prefer the cypress woods either with a Spruce or Cedar top.

The Classical guitar is mostly made with Brazilian Rosewood or Indian Rosewood. I am not a big fan of all new woods that are nowadays used. Some may be fine but it is just an alternative to the Rosewood.

The tops of my Flamenco and Classical guitars are either Spruce or Cedar. Cedar I have selected myself on Vancouver Island for over 40 years ago. The Spruce is only European Spruce either Switzerland, Austria or Germany. Again all old stock.

The Archtop uses only maple back and sides, they can be highly figured or not. To be honest I do not care so much about the visual appearance than others may do. The acoustic response of the wood has a much higher value to me.

For most of my guitars I use either a Mahogany or Cedrella neck. For my Archtops I prefer also to use Mahogany but most customers prefer the use of Maple. As that has become a standard in most recent period.

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