Scharpach workshop

What is the price of a custom built acoustic master guitar?

It takes countless hours of passionate craftsmanship and 40 years of experience to create a bespoke build Scharpach master guitar. The prices for Scharpach acoustic guitars start at 9.645 Euro for Classical models and at 16.800 Euro for Archtop guitars.

My work covers a life span of experience. And maybe the value of this experience cannot be “valued” by everyone. The many details, I am not talking about inlay work, that include a finished instrument cover a life time of building experience, and may be easily understood by the experienced player.

A small story over Pablo Picasso about understanding value:

“When Pablo Picasso was an old man he was sitting in a cafe in Spain and spending time by quickly drawing some simple sketches just out of fun. After finishing his coffee he crumpled up the drawings on his napkin to throw away. A woman saw this and asked Picasso if she could buy these drawings. Sure, Picasso replied, asking twenty thousand dollars. “What” said the woman, “it took you only two minutes.” “No Ma’am” Picasso replied: “it took me sixty years to draw like this.”

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