Some words from my clients

Quotes collected from Facebook about my work:

I’m a professional roots musician from the UK. I’ve heard about the Vienna Apex and when I saw it, I almost died. It’s beautiful.

Subject: the Vienna guitar
I always knew that one day I would find Master craftsmen who built upon tradition as the foundation for ageless, timeless form and perfect tone. Please let me know how we may proceed, what instruments are currently available, what kind of deposit required, or schedule of payment(s) to start a new one.

An interesting compliment about of my work is the following:
“If Stradivarius was to make an Archtop this would be how it would look like”

What fabulous tone… your creations are out of this world!

Someone posted a photo of the Vienna Suprema and to say that I was blown away would be putting it lightly. Your guitars have a very timeless aesthetic.

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